Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 Before 30

Today is my birthday!  I turn 29 today.  Today marks the last birthday of my 20's.  So I decided that since this year is certain to bring lots of big things (i.e.-our move back to the states, Jonathan starting clinicals, etc.) I should really make it a big year and check some things off my bucket list.  I'll be honest, I've never really written a true bucket list.  I totally copied the "A Walk to Remember" bucket list when I was a teenager, but lord only knows where that is now!  I think I've got a bit of a unique opportunity living where me and Jonathan live now to do this.  I can blend my "Dominica Bucket List" with my "30 Before 30" list!

Just so you know, though, this is not some lame list with things like "Learn to Forgive Yourself" on it.  They are tangible things that I can actually check off.  So here they are in no particular order:

1) Night Time Dip at Screws Spa -- If you're here in Dominica, you know what this is.  If you're not here, don't get too thrown off by the "Screws" part.  It is NOT what you think! ;)  But it IS a natural sulphur spring and I've heard its incredible at night!

2) Own a Pair of Manolos, Jimmy Choos, or a Coach Purse -- Ok so this one is going to take some sacrificing since we are on a budget y'all.  But it's happening.  Seriously...  Done and Done!  My mama bought be a Coach for Christmas!!

3) Get a Tattoo -- For those of you that are hyperventilating right now (Mom, Bernice, Pa...) don't freak out.  I'm not gonna go crazy.  But I've been mulling this over for a REALLY long time.  Like years.  And what better time to pull the trigger?  Seems like once I have kids it will be ridiculous to get one.  I promise it will be tasteful.  This is kind of an example of what I want:

It may or may not be on my foot, but it will definitely be inconspicuous.  Possibly in white ink.  Because it will really just be for me!  If you can't read it, it's the last line of the Footprints in the Sand poem that says "It was then that I carried you..."  I probably won't get the silly looking footprints, but I think that quote is so apropos for what this experience has been for us.  The 2 years we will have spent in the Caribbean that changed our lives forever!

4) Buy Stock and Learn About the Market -- I thought about doing this last December when the stock for my dad's company started doing really well.  As far as I know, it's still fairly stable.  So I want to buy some and see what happens... Done and done!  Jonathan and I bought into the bit coin market!

5) Run a 10K -- Ok, so maybe this doesn't seem all that ambitious.  I would LOVE to put "Run a Marathon" or at least "Run a Half Marathon" on this list, but I have to be a little realistic I think (feel free to bust my chops and try to convince me otherwise...).  I've already run a 5K, and I'm planning to run another one in December of this year (that could possibly turn into #5 being checked off and I could bite the bullet and do a 10K instead).  Running the 5K was really gratifying and I want to run another (or maybe this 10K) with my hubby.  I don't think I could appropriately train for a Marathon/Half Marathon in the time that I have since I'm working full time and moving inernationally this year, but there IS an outside chance I could make it happen.  But in light of my current circumstances, I think a 10K is a reasonably challenging goal...

6) Go on a Random Road Trip -- I want to pack up the car, grab my puppy and the hubs, and then drive until it feels right.  And just stop wherever, stay wherever, and do whatever.  No plans.  Just a weekend getaway where the only thing on the agenda is to GO.  Maybe even roll the dice to decide which direction we go!  Now THAT could make for an interesting blog post...

7) Quit Drinking Soda Pop for 365 Days -- I really need to do this anyway.  Maybe this will help me lose that last pesky 10-15 pounds to get me to my "healthy weight"!  And crap...this starts today... o_O Fail.  $30 to RESOLVE... :-/

8) Write Letters to My Immediate Family Telling Them Why I Love Them -- Better get on this one...I've got my work cut out for me!

9) See an Opera -- Seems crazy that this would be on my list.  Especially since I was a music major in college.  But can you believe it??  I have NEVER actually watched an opera!  Yes, yes, of course I've HEARD one...from the pit that is.  I've played at more operas than I can count or that I can remember.  But I REALLY want to actually see one.  La Traviata is my most favorite opera...would love to see that one.  But really any opera would do!

10) Travel to 2 States in the US That I Haven't Been To -- This eliminates every state in the south and much of the midwest and northeast (since I've lived in all those places).  The states I'm lacking are: Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska.  Welp...guess I've got my work cut out for me on this one since NONE of those states are anywhere near where I call home...

11) Paint a Painting -- And yes, I'll count it if I FINALLY go to Painting with a Twist or something similar since I'm lame and have never done that either.  So Sara...I think you're employed to help me with this one... ;)

12) Make a Baby -- Yep.  I'm putting it here.  It's a bit risky...since clearly I don't have a lot of control over this.  But it's's past time.  We're gonna make a baby or get a REALLY legit answer as to why this can't happen within this year.  Hoping and praying that my last year before 30 sees the creation of our sweet Greysen or Maggie!

13) Eat at a Restaurant Where Someone From Top Chef is the Chef -- Tim Love doesn't count (though I'll be visiting him hopefully in December/January).  I want to eat at a restaurant owned and/or operated by someone from Top Chef.  

14) Start "A Small Metal Box" -- Check out THIS blog to see what this is about.  The money we save will be for me and Jonathan's 10th anniversary trip (which I would LOVE to be an Alaskan cruise!) Done and Done!  And we are making some serious bank... ;)

15) Learn How to French Braid -- Elise, you and Solveig might be employed with this one.  It is ridiculous that I don't know how to do this, but I'm determined to learn.  I think once I figure out how to do it on someone else's head, I'll be able to figure out how to do it on my own head...Oh I am SO excited about this!  Thanks Solveig and Alex!

16) Photograph My Grandparents Together -- So I saw this on someone else's blog and I LOVED it.  You know, photojournalism has only really come out with any popularity in the last 8-10 years.  I would venture to guess that there are very few of us older than 15 whose grandparents have pictures of them being themselves.  Candid.  In love!  Oh how I wish I had pictures like that of my Gammy and Daddy Ronchal or of Jonathan's Grandaddy and Grandmommy.  My sweet Mimol and Pa just celebrated 57 years of marriage and Jonathan and I will be seeing them in December.  I want to get my hands on a fancy camera (or a great photographer) and take the two of them somewhere and take some candid photos of them just being in love.  I want some black and whites, some sepias, I want some pics of them dancing, of my Pa kissing Mimol on the cheek...the works!  This is SO happening...

17) Take My Husband Sailing -- Oh I'm sure he's smiling right now reading that one!  Yes, he's wanted to for years and I've been a stick in the mud about it.  My only stipulation is that I want a super cute sailing outfit with shoes to match... We went out on a catamaran around the bay in Dominica where we live on 5/16/2014

18) Actually Start AND Finish Either P90X or Insanity -- Sheesh...that's a bit heavy Rach...are you sure??  Yes.  I've been saying it way too much and I need to put my money where my mouth is. may be employed to help me check this one off... o_O 

19) Finish Turning My Blog Into a Coffee Table Book -- I'll count this one as long as it's finished...even if it's not printed.  Cuz I kinda think I'll want the final follow up to this list to be in there too...

20) Learn to Crotchet and Make an Afghan to Prove It -- If you're a crocheter...I will need SERIOUS help with this!!

21) Go Wine Tasting For Real -- We've done the "amateur version" of this a few times, but I want to go to an actual winery, even if it it's Haak or something like that, and do a wine tasting.  For reals...

22) Swim Through Titou Gorge -- Part of my Dominica Bucket List, but this place is seriously cool!

23) Get a Palm Reading -- Cuz...well...why not??

24) See the Baby Sea Turtles -- This should have already been done, but kidney stones got in the way.  I've got one more shot at this next spring and I'm TOTALLY doing it.  I don't care if they stink to high heaven...

25) Dress Up Like We're Just Married -- Jonathan and I have actually talked about this before, and I think it would be fun.  So in order to check this one off I'll have to go purchase a dress that can pass as a wedding dress (or wear my own wedding dress) and go for a night on the town with my dreamboat.  Maybe we can get some free stuff! ;)

26) Go Parasailing -- This is another one I've been talking about for WAY too long (try high school!) and I need to just pull the trigger and do it...

27) Read 30 Books -- I'm a reader, but this one will be difficult.  Any suggestions of quick/good reads are most definitely appreciated!
Bossy Pants
The Longest Ride
Charlotte's Web 
Believing God
James and the Giant Peach
Reconstructing Amelia
Island of the Blue Dolphins

28) Do a Color Run or a Mud Run -- Been DYING to do one of these so I'm gonna do it!

29) Get Matilda Certified and Take Her to a Children's Hospital for "Rounds" -- Oh it would make my heart melt to see her do this.  I know she would be a total champ and those kids would LOVE her!

30) Give Blood for a Blood Drive -- Shocked??  If you know me, you probably are.  But I figure as much blood as I've had to give in the last 4 years with our struggles in infertility, I might as well give it up to save someone's life.  So I'm gonna do it.  Who's coming to hold my hand?? ;) 

So there it is!  I'm starting today...wonder which one will be checked off first??  Also, on another 30 Before 30 blog I saw that someone had committed to donating $30 to a non-profit organization for every item on their 30 Before 30 list that was NOT completed.  So that's what I'm going to do.  For each item on this list that does not happen before November 2nd, 2014, I'll be donating $30 to RESOLVE.  It's a national non-profit organization that supports men and women in infertility, champions for legislation regarding infertility and health care options, and advocates for swift and accurate diagnosing.  Obviously something that is near and dear to our hearts!  So if you're "employed" to help, get ready!

  Here's to a year of very purposeful living...Happy Birthday to me! ;)


  1. How fun! :) Happy birthday, sis! Can't wait to hear some of these stories!

  2. As I Am in office I have not gone through full , but the beginning is good, I will read the rest and comment..... HAPPY BIRTH DAY

  3. Great idea! I have had similar thoughts as I am in the home stretch of my 20's too. When I saw your tattoo idea- that hit home for me. Hope to get one before I turn 30 too! Good luck on pursuing your list- I love it.

  4. I just happened to pop onto this post and remind myself of your goals, and I'm impressed that you've updated it!


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