Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Day You Will Set All Things Right...

For your nearness, Lord, I hunger,
For your nearness, Lord, I wait,
Hold me ever closer, Father,
Such a love I can't escape...

For your nearness I am hoping,
For your nearness, Lord, I long,
I have no need of any other,
I have found where I belong.
Yes I have found where I belong.

So draw me nearer, Lord.
Never let me go. 
Closer to Your heart,
Draw me nearer Lord,
Draw me nearer Lord.

In your nearness there is healing,
What was broken now made whole,
Restoration in its fullness,
Lasting hope for all who come.

In your nearness I take shelter,
Where you are is where I'm Home,
I have need of only one thing.
To be here before your Throne.
To be here before your Throne.

So draw me nearer Lord,
Never let me go.
Closer to Your heart,
Draw me nearer Lord,
Draw me nearer my Lord,

And keep me here,
Keep me here.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.
So keep me here,
Keep me here,
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.  
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

This is a Meredith Andrews song called Draw Me Nearer.  It has been on repeat on my phone for the last hour.  When I'm feeling empowered, when I'm feeling beat up, when I'm feeling excited, when I'm feeling anxious, this song centers me.  It reminds me that all the "good stuff" comes from Him, and all the stuff that hurts comes from the world.  Living in the world means we can't escape the hurt.  We can't escape the pain.  Wouldn't that be fabulous though??  If being a Christian meant that all the things in life that make us cry, knock the wind out of us, break our hearts just vanished??  Well, it will, One Fine Day, but for now we can rest assured that He hears us.  He knows our pain.  He feels our tears.  And He is the only one who can make it better.  He is the only one who no matter what you've said or done will STILL be there with you for eternity.  He is also our biggest fan!  He's the obnoxious cheerleader who keeps screaming "Go!  You can do it!", He's the best friend high-fiving you at the finish line.  He relishes in the opportunity to give us little slices of Heaven here on earth, but He also hates to see us cry.  I know if He could He would come right down here to earth and wipe our tears, wrap His arms around us, brush the hair out of our faces, and say "I love you my child.  I'm all you need!  If I could take this pain away and put it onto myself I would.  I did!!  So rejoice in the fact that, even though this hurts, it is nothing compared to a lifetime and an eternity without me.  Let Me be your stronghold!  I can make it better!".  

The worst pain in this world is almost unbearable.  Almost!  But even though today I feel like I literally got the crap beat out of me, I can still find the joy.  I can still laugh through the tears and smile through the rain, because I know that He won't leave me hanging.  The worst that could happen to me is that this pain just consumes me entirely...but then I get to spend eternity in Heaven!  What a precious gift!  So what that means to me is that I should take a cue from Paul.  Because lately I feel like some days I channel him...some days I channel Job.  Today it's Paul.  Because in prison's chains Paul and Silas, through their pain, prayed and sang.  They Blessed Your Name!  I can be chained physically, I can be beat down mentally, I can be a pile of garbage on the floor of life.  But it doesn't change the fact that I AM FREE!  Free indeed!  And my God is an awesome God.  He sees my past and still wants to be a part of my future.  He wants the best of me.  And One Fine Day, He will set all things right...

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