Tuesday, February 26, 2013

If You Need a Good Laugh, You've Come to the Right Place...

Ok folks, things are going pretty well over here in Dominica.  I apologize for my infrequent posts.  It's due to the fact that I'm finding myself really busy here which is a good thing.  I'm trying to embrace the community aspect of this whole experience, and because of that, God is doing some really good work on my heart, mind, and body.  I've started going to a ladies Bible study on Tuesday mornings and have developed a real love for all the girls in that group.  I have been twice and I already literally crave it throughout the week now.  So refreshing!  I am so appreciative of this time that God has given me to really delve deeper into His Word and learn about Him.  Embrace His plan for my life.  The community of believers on this campus is amazing...Jonathan and I both feel so blessed to have happened upon them!  I was telling Jonathan just today that I'm constantly amazed at how God has orchestrated this whole event in our lives.  He has surrounded us with such amazing people who have such similar stories it's seriously UNCANNY.  This morning my mouth was literally agape when I started hearing people share things that were going on in their lives and families.  It was like they were telling MY story!  God is good, y'all.  ALL THE TIME!  He knows our future and He goes ahead of us.  Who would have EVER thought that while I'm piecing through these difficulties in my life, He was gathering all these people together in the most unlikely of places so that we could all benefit from communion and fellowship with each other.  I certainly could not have dreamed this situation up for myself in a million years, but every day I see His intentions more clearly, and I am more and more amazed at His power and glory.  Makes tough things in life so much easier to bear when you've got other people to help share the load (and to remind you that God is there very step of the way!).

That being said, I wanted to share a few little laughs with you.  Because I personally LOVE to read a blog when a good belly laugh is involved.  I've been introduced to a few videos this week that have had me laughing until I cried.  Literally!  So grab some popcorn and enjoy!

When I watched this one for the first time I thought, "This is kind of what a faculty meeting at Keller is like when Diane tells everyone their lesson plans need to be more thorough..."  Hehe...I've been guilty too y'all...

This one is somewhat of a spinoff of the one before.  So hilarious!  I have watched it like 10 times, and it's funnier every time.  It makes me think of my Pa's "mini farm".  He used to have goats and if you reached up and shook a branch from a pecan tree, they would all start "yelling" and come running.   I particularly like the screaming sheep in this video... (Pa, I hope this one makes you laugh!)

Maybe it's cruel of me to think this video is funny.  But y'all, I just laugh thinking about it sometimes.  My favorite part is at 1:36...that look is so stinkin' funny!  I had no idea this could even happen!  If you haven't seen the video yet, what happens is NOT what you're expecting to happen...

Hope you enjoy.  If you're among the many who have seen these already, I hope you enjoyed another laugh.  If that was your first time seeing any of these...you're welcome! ;)

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