Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Final Countdown-5 Weeks to Go!

Happy Earth Day y'all!   Dominica is such a great place to learn about the Earth and how to conserve it and its beauty.  Had a great day with my little Kindergarteners, but I'm wiped out now!  At any rate...it's COMP week!!  Jonathan is in his final days of studying for his comprehensive final and he is SO ready to nail this bad boy to the wall.  After COMP he is taking 5 days off and then hitting the ground running...no maybe SPRINTING...with his Doctors in Training course.  That's a semi-self-paced course to help prepare him for his first official USMLE board exam.  He is excited about being done with COMP, but I know he's also starting to feel that pressure about Step 1.  Send him some prayers and good vibes this week!

Any-hoo...we are down to #5 in our countdown.  NOW is when things start getting VERY real for me.  By the end of this week we will have less than 30 days left here.  Crazy right?!?  So without further ado...#5!

The #5 Thing I Will Miss About Dominica

Jonathan time.  Seem like a strange thing to say I'll be missing??  Well, maybe it is.  Especially considering I'll get 12 unadulterated weeks with him after he takes his Step 1 test once we are back in the states.  But one of the things that has DEFINITELY been a perk about this Caribbean med school situation is that I get to spend a TON of time with Jonathan that I probably wouldn't have had the privilege of had he gone to a US med school.  I have lunch and dinner with him every single day and since there's not a whole lot of "outside influence" vying for our time and energy, when he's not studying he's with me too!  It's been really nice and I love that time I get to spend with him.  It's not always a huge quantity, but I know once clerkships start and then residency, my time with him will become much more sparse.  So I've enjoyed getting some time with him during these basic sciences.  It certainly hasn't been a vacation to live here in the Caribbean, but I'm grateful for the times, no matter how few and far between they've been, that we've been able to relax together and pretend we are on vacation for real..

The #5 Thing That Will Be Awesome About Living in the States Again

Family and Friends!!  Oh gosh, I can't express how excited I am about this.  We will be missing our friends here in Dominica a whole lot, yes.  But coming back to the states is going to be a uniquely wonderful event.

1) Because we are moving back to OKC!!  We haven't lived in Oklahoma since college and I am really looking forward to being close to my Oklahoma girls!  Right now we are waiting to rent an apartment or a house until we find out if this IVF successfully nets us a pregnancy.  If so, I'm parking it in OKC to be near family and my doctors.  If not, well...I will bounce around the country with Jonathan I suppose.  But at least I'll have the option of spending extended time with my girlfriends!

2) Because one of my besets friends is morphing into a stay-at-home-mom after this school year is over!! That means I'll get to spend lots of time with her and we won't have to work around her job!

3) Because we haven't lived near family since 2010.  Now not only will we be in the same town with the Womack family, we will be a short 1 hour commercial flight, 2 hour Daddy flight, or 3 1/2 hour car ride from the Harris family!  Oh I am SO excited about this.  We have both been craving family a LOT in the past few months.  Getting to go home over Christmas was wonderful, but it left us wanting so much more time when we left.  I am excited to be so close to everyone again.  So pumped to have coffee dates with Rachel and lunches with Angie and road trips with my Sara.

This is maybe what I am most excited about!

At any rate...by the time I post next week Jonathan will be done with COMP and we will be on a week of "Spring Break".  We'll be packing our barrels and suitcases, breaking down and moving the Kindergarten classroom out of the treehouse, and spending a few days together.  This time is flying by...35 days and we leave the rock.  So surreal...

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