Monday, September 3, 2012

Bugs from Outer Space...

So many many things to write about tonight!  I'll pare it down and maybe write about the rest of it later. Just to keep you guys on your toes!  Let me start with my wonderful hubby's news!  He had his last quiz before his first mini final (which happens this Friday) today.  His text to me after it was over was "I totally nailed that quiz!".  Without disclosing his scores to everyone (believe you me...I totally would, but he hates that...), he basically came as close to acing a quiz as you can come in medical school!  Incredible.  Jonathan is probably one of the most studious people I've ever known.  Certainly more so than me.  I always managed to pull okay to good grades, but studying was NEVER my forte!  Jonathan, on the other hand, is REALLY good at that.  This weeks quiz included material concerning the cranial nerve system (VERY complicated and intricate), blood typing (which he tried to explain to me yesterday and I thought my head was going to explode I was so confused), and several other things like all the intricacies of viruses like HIV and what not.  And THIS is the week he basically aced a quiz!  So stinkin proud of him...I'm sure you can't tell...

Last week for me entailed working my little tail end off on A Different Kind of Flair stuff.  Right now I have 34 pieces that are slated to be shipped to my sister-in-law Nicole tomorrow morning.  So yes, my little fingers have been worked to the bone!  But I'm so excited about the new product.  I feel like we are evolving as a company and it's really exciting (and I have to say impressive) to see!  Nicole and I had another "marathon Skype" session today (it was close to 4 hours I think in all) and there's still so much to do in order to be prepared for our September 21st Launch Party!  Whew.  Running an online business is much more complicated than it seems!

I have to give you a little island story now too.  Since, you know, I'm here in the Bahamas.  I want you to get the full picture of what it's like here.  Friday night we had a "Dominica moment".  By that I mean we had a little tiny glimpse into a certain aspect of life in Dominica according to the people who are there now (for those of you who don't know...we are only here in Freeport for one semester and then we're headed down to Dominica in the West Indies for 4 semesters...).  Instead of first describing this "moment" I thought maybe I should share a picture with you guys...

Yep.  I spotted it as we were walking up the sidewalk to the front door.  Scared me so bad I literally felt like I was gonna vomit.  Like I seriously dry heaved a few times.  I screamed, ran the other direction, and then Tyrone jumped out of his cab and came to the rescue.  He was really not happy with Jonathan for insisting on taking a picture, but he conceded and let him.  He then poked this thing with a stick and it made this AWFUL hissing sound and violently wrapped itself around the stick.  Tyrone had to smash the thing's head like 20 times before it actually died.  The picture probably doesn't even really do it justice.  It was about as big around as my thumb and longer than the distance between the tip of my middle finer to the base of my palm.  Oh no no no no no.  I HATE bugs as it is, but bugs from outer space???  Big. Fat. No. on that one.  So why is that a taste of Dominica?  Check out this video posted by a few med students who are there now.

I especially like the girls in the background saying "Now I won't be able to sleep at night!" and "Tell me what exactly is 'cool' about that??".  Of course they're med students.  Who else analyzes the severed body of a centipede to determine whether the white thing in it's middle is a nerve or a digestive tract??  Jonathan informed me that centipedes in some places hang from the ceilings of caves and when bats fly by they grab them, bite them, poison them, and eat them.  Wha???  Needless to say I'll be steering clear of those guys.  I don't mind the little geckos and mini iguanas.  Centipedes, however, will always be unwelcome... that you have plenty of stuff that nightmares are made of, I'll leave you to it.  Sleep tight! ;) -Rach

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