Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Past Posts...For a Little Background

I've got some new followers and I'm hoping to gain a few more.  For that reason, I feel like it's important to share some of my "pre-blogger" posts (when my site was on wordpress).  That way those of you who are new to my site can gain a little insight into what brought us here to the Bahamas and maybe a few early Freeport stories that you missed!  And if you're already a loyal reader, maybe you just wanted a little nostalgia...

Here's the link to My Caribbean Daydreaming Wordpress Blog.

P.S.-I learned something new today!  I found out that there is another blog here on Blogspot called Caribbean Daydreaming.  And guess what??  She and her family are in Grenada as she is attending medical school!  What are the odds?  Check out her blog...I was totally intrigued!  Just so everyone knows, the inspiration for my blog name came from the fact that for several months when I would have a bad day or a stressful day at work, my happy place was Daydreaming about the possibility of us coming to the Caribbean.  I wonder if she had the same thought process...

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