Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Kind of Love

What kind of love can fill up the ocean
Won’t let you drown when you’re diving in
What kind of love takes a heart that’s frozen
And makes it heal, makes it beat again

Still it’s hard to lay these burdens down
And believe it’s gonna all work out
But somehow

Some kind of love, some kind of love
It just keeps on coming back
Who knew there was some kind of love
I want a love like that
I want a love like that

What kind of love goes into the darkness
And pulls you back when you’re on the edge
What kind of love finds you when you’re hopeless
And gives you another second chance

I was thinking I was too far gone
Wondering how I’d keep holding on
Hold on

Finds me on my knees when I can hardly breathe
When I got nothing left, You reached me
When I’m thinking that I’m too far gone

What kind of love can fill up the ocean
Won’t let you drown when you’re diving in...

I posted today on my Facebook a modified quote from this Phil Stacey song that says "So it's time to lay your burdens down...and believe it's gonna all work out...". That song sang to my heart this morning, and I had to write myself a little reminder. In the past few days, I've encountered so many, many people who are in this stage of waiting in their lives. Waiting for news on a new job, waiting for a new baby to make their appearance, waiting for a new house to be built, waiting to marry their sweetheart, waiting for medical test results, waiting to finish school, waiting for God's timing...His perfect resolutions. Just waiting. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting. We aren't good at waiting...myself in particular. We want what we want, when we want it, and we want it now! How often does that mentality totally hinder us from really reveling in God's perfect timing?

I find myself frequently thinking "Well if it doesn't happen now, then it might as well not happen at all...", or "I just can't handle this waiting anymore...will it ever end?", or "Is this just how it's gonna be? Me always waiting and life passing me by while I wait and wait and wait?". This thought process is such a downward spiral. And a certain somebody (who generally prefers lakes of fire to green pastures and still waters...if you catch my drift...) REALLY enjoys helping us throw this pity party for ourselves. All the while God is saying "Ignore the man behind the curtain...I'm right here! I'm right in front of you! He's only got smoke in mirrors...I've got eternity figured out! And guess what? Your story fits into My Plan PERFECTLY. So eyes front, my child. I've overcome the world...your story is already written and lemme tell's a REALLY good one!".

But isn't the waiting painful sometimes??? If you're waiting on that feel like everything is hanging in the balance while you await an answer. If you're waiting for that sweet baby to feel like you can't possibly be more ready to NOT be pregnant anymore and the anticipation of meeting your new little one is killing you! If you're waiting to get're wondering why you decided to do this whole white wedding thing after's so stressful! If you're waiting for medical must be feeling so anxious to know a yes or a no. If you're waiting to finish school...I KNOW it feels like you're going 90 to nothin' toward MORE school and little to no end in sight. If you're waiting for perfect timing and perfect feel like your patience is waning. Like one more day of getting a "wait" from God is literally going to put you under. It's stifling sometimes...isn't it??

Take heart my friends! For Your Journey Is Unfolding Just As It Should! Might sound crazy. Might sound impossible. Might sound unfathomable. But your book is written...your story is already decided. Let it unfold in HIS timing. Let Him have it...let Him handle it! And be prepared to be breathtakingly amazed as His plan for you is revealed piece by piece!

I hope you know that when I write posts like this, they are as much for me as they are for you. Sometimes we all need that reminder (myself included) that God has a plan. No matter how much we worry and meddle and whine, He's still got a plan. And no matter how much you complain about the journey...guess what?? He's STILL gonna do it the way He intended to all along...whining or not. So relax, take His hand, take a breather, and just know...It's Gonna All Work Out!

Dive In...He Won't Let You Drown!

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