Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Long Awaited Apartment Tour

So here it is...the apartment tour!  I decided that a quick video would be better than just some pictures.  Hopefully you're all able to view the clip!  Just FYI on a few things:

1) The crane out front of the apartment is temporary.  They are working on some drainage gutters down the street and this is it's temporary home...

2) When looking out the front of the apartment, down the street to the left is campus (about a 3 minute walk)...

3) Our outlets are both 220 and 110 voltage (110 is what we use in the US).  They switch on an off which I think is super nifty!

4) We DO have hot water and awesome water pressure.  There is not an on/off switch for the hot water which is almost a luxury in a place like this!  That weird bulbous thing on the kitchen faucet is our water filter...

5) I noted that the stove and oven are propane.  The burners have a lighter like a regular gas stove, but the oven must be lit manually with a match.  So much fun I tell ya...

6) We do have a maid service and a laundry service.  Though I am doing a lot of laundry in the sink to avoid having to pay for the laundry service even though it's fairly inexpensive (about $7 per bag of laundry or 2-3 loads).  They pick it up, wash it, fold it, and deliver it back to your door.  Per our lease, we HAVE to allow the maid to come in 3 times a week.  She's here every week day though, so I appreciate a crispy white clean floor all the time!

OK...now you may enjoy!

And to finish out the post...a little picture of the Rachel Womack Laundry Service.  I do not pick up or deliver, and I cannot guarantee that your clothes will be dry within 24 hours...

And this is my life...


  1. I love the video! I'll probably watch it more than once. It made me miss you too much. :(

    1. Glad you liked it! Of course I had to get a few goofy quips in there...

    2. PS-I changed those settings...hopefully the bot is gone!

  2. Love your little place! I can sympathize with the making things work attitude! And Girl you need to get a clothes line! Only way I can get stuff to dry!

    1. Thanks Sarah! And I totally agree about the clothesline. It was on one of the hundred lists we made for Dominica and somehow didn't make it here! But yes, we are in dire need of one. It's so damp here! How's the Khmer coming??


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