Friday, April 19, 2013

Inspirational Women!

I spend a lot of time in my week with KSBJ playing on my computer.  That's the Christian radio station we listened to in Houston, and they stream live all the time!!  I recently was listening to a 15 minute sermon there that covered me with goosebumps and smiles.  God has been revealing a lot to me about His people throughout the centuries.  Particularly the women in the Bible.  And this sermon just gave me chills in light of the things that have been in the forefront of my brain lately.  Let me share a little about what I've learned in the past 9+ months and I'll finish out with the points from this sermon that have inspired my thinking this week:

Sarai - She was Abraham's wife and Isaac's mother.  God had promised Abraham that He would make his descendants "more numerous than the stars in the sky", yet Sarai was barren.  She waited and waited and it never happened.  Her womb was still closed.  So she took matters in her own hands and just made a mess of it.  Then, at a seemingly impossible time in her life, God blessed her with a son!!  Despite her sinful nature, despite the "impossible" odds, God did it anyway.  Because he said He would... (Genesis 16)

Rebekah - Rebekah inspires me so much!  She specifically asked for God's revelation concerning a pregnancy for her.  She struggled with infertility for years and finally was blessed with a conception at around 40 years old!  And she didn't just conceive one precious little bean...she conceived twins!!  And God was with her the whole time giving her revelations and knowledge and guidance about how to raise her boys. (Genesis 25)

Samson's Mother - She and her husband had been in turmoil for years over their inability to conceive.  Was it his fault, was it her fault?  Would it ever happen for them?  She, I'm sure, spent many a night in tears and many an hour in prayer.  Then an angel of God appeared and told her that not only would she conceive a child, but this son of hers would begin to deliver Israel.  He was already set apart for God before he drew his first breath!  God intended to bless her not only with her heart's desire, but He also intended to bless so many others with this child.  What a miracle! (Judges 13)

Mary - Of course this one is a little obvious!  Mary didn't struggle with infertility, but God gave her an "impossible" story for sure!  He said "Even though you're a virgin, you're going to give birth to a son.  But He's not just any baby!  No...He is the Son of God!  He's gonna save the world!".  Wow what a testimony for her!  And what a path of trust and faith she had to walk not just during the pregnancy but for the years during and after Jesus' physical walk here on earth.  And then God ALSO blessed her with a kindred soul in Elizabeth... (Luke 1)

Elizabeth - She struggled with infertility and had given up hope that it would ever happen for her and her husband.  She was past menopause, her husband was was over for them.  But then, it happened!  It was a miracle!  Makes me wonder if God drew it out and waited until it was "impossible"...and THEN He made it happen.  All the glory comes back to Him right?  It was clearly by nothing man could have done!  And just like all the other women we've talked about...her son was no ordinary baby.  He was John the Baptist...a pivotal character in the gospel story! (Luke 1)

Here are those points that were so inspiring to me:

1) "If your dream doesn't need God, it's not big enough!" - I am a living testimony of this!  Everything that has happened in the last year has been full and total evidence that if you have a dream, even if it seems impossible, God will make it happen if it's meant to be.  Medical school was meant to be.  And here we are!  This is also a reminder to me in our baby hopes that He can and WILL make this happen for us!  It's certainly a dream only God can make happen!

2) "What's coming against you is not nearly as strong as what is within you." - Mary was initially very fearful.  I'm sure Sarai and Elizabeth were also scared thinking about maintaining a pregnancy in their old age.  Samson's mother and Rebekah each had to have been apprehensive in understanding what they were taking on in raising the boys God had blessed them with.  But what was within them (and is within me...and you!) is much stronger than that doubt and fear that is constantly being hurled our way by Satan.  "For nothing is impossible with God! Luke 1:37"  Tap into that inner strength that comes from God.  It's the only way we can combat that fear and doubt!

3) "The Holy Spirit will comfort you!"- If you're on the right road, there will be an inexplicable peace.  A peace that streams from God.  Even if it's scary!  Even if it seems impossible!  The Holy Spirit will continue breathing new hope into you daily.  So cling to that new hope, that new life, that Comfort!  He will never leave you or forsake you...He will never let you down!

4) Get around people who BELIEVE IN YOU!  Surround yourself with like-minded people who share your walk or are willing to join your army of prayer!  You need support!  Of course, be sure you're on an army or two yourself as well.  Pray for each other.  Lift your prayers and petitions to God on your own behalf, but also on behalf of others.  Ask for prayer when you need it!  Prayer works!  I think it's because when others pray for you, when "your" prayer is is theirs!  It becomes about more than just you and your dream.  It gives God the opportunity to bless multitudes at once.  It helps us learn to be selfless.  I've seen evidence that it works!

So can I pray for you??  Just email me or Facebook message me.  I'll pray...I promise.  That's not an empty promise either!  I LOVE seeing God bless others that I've been praying for!  And would you pray for me?  Jonathan and I could really use some!  Pray that God will heal my body and prepare it for a conception soon.  We're being purposeful in our prayers too, so if you want the "specifics" just let me know!  I'd be happy to fill you in!  We'd love you to be a part of our army!!

And WHEN He follows through with His promise to us, we'll be sure to share all the good news with you so you can give HIM all the praise!!!


  1. Praying for a sweet little bean to come your way soon. Praying for God's perfect timing on this journey for you.


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