Monday, April 15, 2013

Only in Dominca Part 1

We've found ourselves saying this a bunch lately.  Thought I'd fill you in on a few:

Only in Dominica does the sound of a little old man screaming (aka-the neighborhood goats) wake you up before your alarm does.

Only in Dominica do you look out the window to find that the screaming goat is only upset because he's found himself on the roof of a house and can't remember where the stairs he walked up to get there are so that he can get down. (I have to give credit to Mitzi for this one!)

Only in Dominica does the fence surrounding campus get painted EVERY SINGLE DAY

Only in Dominica would you find yourself having a conversation with a gecko who is contemplating entering your house that sounds like this "Ok dude, if you want to come in and eat bugs, I'm fine with that.  But if you touch me or jump on me, you're dead.  Got it?  Make your move..."

Only in Dominica do you hear a loud speaker at 8:00 AM driving through the streets of Portsmouth announcing a meeting for all landlords (or whatever other current events that are happening around town...)

Only in Dominica does that loud speaker truck also double as the transport for "The Dominican Royal Family" on Sundays.  At least that's what I've deduced...they're all dressed up, riding in the back of a junked out hoopty, waving to people as they pass...

Only in Dominica do the Saturday farmer's markets also come with a dose of streetside evangelists blaring fire and brimstone from a, yes you guessed it, junked out hoopty...

Only in Dominica are you totally psyched to find Greek yogurt, milk, AND cheese at the grocery store on the same day!

Only in Dominica does the milk section smell strongly of armpits, cheesy poofs, and toots.  Apparently the dairy section is the correct place to put vacuum sealed salted fish/pork/mystery meat...?

Only in Dominica can you tell where people live according to how out of breath they are/how much they're sweating when they get to the main gates.

Only in Dominica do the words Shack Attack mean something besides a great basketball play by Shaquille O'Neil... (yes I spelled "shack" correctly)

Only in Dominica are there just as many Chinese restaurants in a 1 mile radius as there would be in China itself.

Only in Dominica are the names of the Chinese places Bob's and George's.

Oh there are so many many more...

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