Monday, November 12, 2012

6 Days of Anticipation

Today marks the first day of our last week here in Freeport.  I am SO excited to come home that I literally wring my hands and chew my nails to nubs every time I think about it.  So instead of putting myself through that, I thought I'd spend a few minutes every day thinking both about the things I'm looking forward to in the states and the things I will miss about Freeport.  Though we not-so-lovingly refer to it as FreeFart (clever I know...), there are definitely some things I will miss.  I realize what a cool opportunity Jonathan and I have been given to come to such a beautiful place for him to start the first leg of his medical school journey.  I am a lucky woman that I have probably more than 6 things to rave about when it comes to the Bahamas!  But for #6 (we're counting backwards...) here goes:

What I Will Miss About Freeport #6:
The "Better Than A Screen Saver" Beaches!  Oh my goodness, I will definitely miss the beaches here. I hear good things about the beaches in Dominica, but I'm afraid it will be difficult to top these beauties here in the Bahamas.  They are like no place I've ever been, and I've been to many, many beach locations.  The powdery white sand that is tinged golden in some places and slightly pinkish in others.  The amazing sand dollars, sea biscuits, star fish, coral, shells, and beach glass we've found here is amazing (yes we are packing as much of it as we can carry back home with us...hello bubble wrap...)!  I also love that each beach is slightly different and unique in its own right.  For instance:

-Taino Beach is the party spot.  It's a popular "cruise excursion spot" and it's also the location of the famed Wednesday Night Fish Fry.  It's also my (and Michelle's) favorite beach glass hunting spot, and the boys' favorite snorkeling spot.  The coolest "beach finds" we've come across have been at Taino Beach.  Of course, I'm a little biased because it's a hop skip and a jump away from my apartment, but it truly is my favorite spot here on the island.  When it's not in "party mode", it really is the quintessential sunbathing spot.  Picturesque, native, and gorgeous!

-Gold Rock Beach is the nature spot.  It's almost like you're on a different island when you walk across the marsh bridges to get to this beach.  And as soon as you come out of this jungle-y clearing, there stretches this spectacular beach with shin deep, impossibly clear water for hundreds of yards.  The lazy waves roll over sand bars and we've even spotted dolphins here!  The ocean is this insane color of turquoise and indigo and it's quiet and untouched.  So serene and, yes, GORGEOUS!

-Xanadu Beach is sort of abandoned.  There used to be a really popular resort over there, but it closed down after the last big storm that passed through here and has never made a full recovery.  That's perfectly fine with us, though, because an abandoned beach is quiet and relaxing, right??  The sand here is much more gold and it's not as powdery (beware of the wind that creates a free microdermabrasion if you're facing the wrong direction...).  But it's right next to one of the mouths of the canal so the view is really pretty.  Lot's of locals drive down here during lunch breaks to sit in their cars and enjoy the ocean views.

-Lucaya is the more touristy beach.  It's a great place to people watch!  The side of this beach that's by the hotel is beautiful and the hotel itself is simply spectacular.  I am so jealous that I won't be able to stay a night there (count your blessings Chris and Angie!), but we've been guilty on more than one occasion of sitting in the lobby and "blending in".  The ocean views here are spectacular (and I hear they're even more gorgeous from the infinity pool)...

-Banana Bay is quiet and usually not very populated.  We LOVE the little beach bar here, and the color of the ocean is breathtaking at this spot.  The man who owns the little bar (he's European) can be seen in his mankini scooping up sponges and shrimp from the surf to add to his fish tanks inside.  It's got a FABULOUS hammock there (the site of maybe the funniest "blooper" scene I've ever seen in my life...) and it's just a great place to hang out.  And the beach chairs are FREE! Whodathunkit??

What I'm Looking Forward to in the States #6:
RESTAURANTS!  I am SO looking forward to some American food.  I know what you're all thinking, though.  "Rachel, you love seafood and you're living in the middle of the ocean.  Sounds like a foodie's paradise!".  And you would be wrong, my friends!  I have to be honest and tell you that I thought the same thing.  But that is a sore misconception, unfortunately.  Other than grouper (over it) and Bahamian Lobster Tail (a less tasty knock off of Maine Lobster Tail which is easier to catch and costs about the same if not more) all the seafood is shipped in.  Since I'm from the Gulf Coast, I'm VERY picky about my seafood.  Unfortunately, Freeport is NOT the place to come for good food.  Our favorite spots here are the places that are the most American.  But I'm SO looking forward to a nice Shrimp and Mango Tostada Salad from Jimmy Changa's, some fajitas from Lupe Tortillas, and just about any Asian food you could think of!  I'm also looking forward to some good old fashioned home cooked food.  I'll even cook it!  I just want a meal cooked with good pots and pans, with good appliances, and ALL the ingredients that I need.  So Bernice and Charlie, get ready for the Rachel Invasion.  It's happening...

Stay tuned for #5 tomorrow!


  1. SO exciting! A favorite line from one of my favorite movies says this: "There's always something to miss, no matter where you are." It's so true, but it's how we approach those things we miss that makes a difference in our response! Keep on packin', girlie - you're coming home SOON!!!

    1. SO SO excited! The ticker hit 5 a few hours ago. I can't believe it! This time next week we'll be in OKC!!!


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