Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Been Real Freeport (#1)

Today is the last full day in Freeport.  Tomorrow, in the EARLY morning, we will be taking Michelle and Matt to the airport.  We'll see them off to Indiana, and then Jonathan and I will buzz back home, grab the pup and the suitcases, and head out.  We don't actually get to leave until 2:45, but since we have Matilda and it's an international flight, we will have to be there more than 2 hours early.  So we will plan to get to the airport around 12:00.  If leaving was as easy as coming here was, it really shouldn't take us long to get through customs and everything, but we can't take any chances!  So we'll hit Zorba's in the port one last time for a little late breakfast and then head to the airport to drop off our rent car and get checked in.  I can't believe it's almost here!  To quote the best Christmas movie ever (The Muppet Christmas Carol) "After all, there's only one more sleep til' OKC!". So to round out our countdown here, I'll treat you to #1!

What I Will Miss About Freeport #1-
The close-knit-ness of MERP.  This semester only "entertained" about 150 students.  So that, plus being on a tiny island has meant that we've grown to know and love so many people here like we've known them for years.  It really is like a pressure cooker situation as far as relationships go here.  You're forced to become each others' family because you're so far away from your own.  I have been so appreciative to Jonathan's fellow students and the MERP faculty for being so welcoming to me and also for being there for Jonathan.  For making us both feel like we belong here (even if we are old farts...), and for stepping up and being family for us.  We hope that we've done the same for some of you.  This little dysfunctional family has been a lot of fun to be a part of!  This little group will be split up and broken down before we actually get to Dominica (since some will head to St. Maarten), so I know the next 4 semesters won't be like this one has been.  But we are so grateful for the great relationships we've built here and for all the memories we will have of this experience.  This really has been a great place to start.  It's helped us "get our feet wet" in regards to island living, and has really solidified that this medical school thing IS for us.  Isn't that the point of MERP?  So going into Dominica we are solid and confident and ready.  And we couldn't have asked for a better class to matriculate with (no Matt, I did not say micturate...)....

What I'm Looking Forward to in the States #1-
Getting to meet Emma Henderson!  I probably can't express to you how excited I am about this.  I have to confess my intense jealousy of all the people who have already gotten to see her and hold her.  I just can't wait!  We are beside ourselves excited about spending time with Jared and Sara.  We've missed them so much!  And I thought for a while that it would be weird to come to Houston and see them with a baby, but as we get closer to that day, it doesn't seem weird at all.  Emma has just slipped right into the picture and now we are just so pumped to get to meet her.  We are bringing her a little Bahama love (in the form of a baby elephant and an 'island girl' dress)!  Excited doesn't really touch it honestly.  We are excited to spend time in Houston in general and getting to see all our Houston family members (I would list them all, but it would be a phone book y'all...).  We will be in Houston on the 25th (either morning or evening...we're not sure yet...) and we are pumped to see everyone and spend time with everyone.  But this little darling has been sucking my attention for the last week and a half.  So she's in the forefront of my mind.  As are her mommy and daddy...words don't do justice the excitement I feel when I think about me and Jonathan getting to wrap our arms around all 3 of them!

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