Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Grown Up Christmas List

So as we are moving into the holiday season (which directly relates also to our mad dash to shop/prepare for Dominica!), I've felt the need to make myself an unGodly number of lists (if you know me at all this should not surprise you).  So I decided that I would post some things here both for my own quick reference, AND for any of you family members who are racking your brain trying to figure out what in the world to get for two people moving to a tropical island in the Caribbean for a year and a half.  Not to mention, it's REALLY hard to find things appropriate for tropical living in the states since it's true winter weather there.  Most things will have to be ordered on the internet, though there are a few things on this list that could be bought in stores in the winter time. goes:

Shoes appropriate for hiking in muddy/wet situations (think waterfalls and rain forests):
Rachel's Pick-in size 9
Jonathan's Pick-in size 10

Umbrellas (seems obvious, but two of these babies would be SUPER...):

Walkie Talkies (for when cell towers and power is down...):

Wellies (the walk to campus and most other places is on a dirt road...):

"Better Than Shower Shoes" Flip Flops (we will be walking A LOT and have each torn up a pair of flops here in Freeport in just 14 weeks...guess it's time to get serious...):
Jonathan's Pick-in size 10

Rice Cooker (gotta have ways to cook when the propane is low or out...):

Mini Crock Pot (we won't have much counter space...):

Mini Tabletop Grill (again...when propane is low or out...):

Big Beach Towel (big enough for 2 people...):

Beach Towels (these towels are chair sized...what a concept!):

So there ya have it.  A small portion of the things we will be needing to gather and ship before we leave for Dominica.  Add things like gallons of bug spray, sunscreen, cortisone cream, a couple of good rain jackets, and a few other household items to that and we are set!  We will be shipping either 2 barrels or 2 tupperware bins down with all of the big things in them.  We have luggage restrictions which only allow us each a 50 lb. checked back and one carry on.  Clearly we won't be getting everything into those things!  This whole ordeal promises to be quite an adventure (bring on the Afro circus).  As we get closer and closer, I'll be sharing more of the cool stuff we are looking forward to in Dominica.  For now, enjoy perusing!

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