Thursday, November 22, 2012

Slow Economy? Quick Fashion Fixes!

We read an article this week in a beading magazine that we just HAD to share with you all.  Since many of us are finding ourselves short on expendable cash these days, AND the holidays are coming up, I (Rachel) think more than a few of us are feeling a little overwhelmed with the prospect of 1) Gift Buying, and 2) Holiday Attire Shopping.  This article made an AWESOME observation.  It said the quickest and most inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit is by changing your accessories.  It can be as complicated as a schnazzy scarf or a sweet pair of boots, OR it could be as simple as a different pair of earrings or a new hairdo.  The more I thought about this, the more wisdom I think it holds.  I mean, a little black dress can be one outfit with a cute pair of Toms and some boho chic jewelry, and something COMPLETELY different with some sparkly earrings, an updo, and some sexy pumps.  But the most expensive part of the outfit (i.e.-that perfect little dress) does its job in both scenarios.  All YOU have to do in order to create an entirely different look is change your accessories.

Gift BUYING for other people can become a task also.  You want to make sure the people in your life feel loved and appreciated, but money is so tight sometimes.  How do you come up with a truly inexpensive gift option if you're not the "DIY" type?  And even if you are, sometimes that "DIY" gift is just not fitting for the "recipient" OR you just simply don't have the time to devote to it.  Because the same thing holds true for everyone, purchasing a fabulous accessory for someone as a gift is something like giving them a gift that keeps on giving!  They get something cute and fashionable that will ALSO expand their fashion options!  Quick fix, fab results!

So this holiday season when you hit the stores or those sales, remember that sometimes the simplest gift can be the most profound!

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